Tiffany Tillman | Owner

Is empowering the fitness goals of women everywhere through elevated exercise attire that offers next-level comfort and performance-centered design. TT Activewear is redefining exercise apparel for women of all shapes and sizes.

Every female that has ever worked out

in uncomfortable or ill-fitting clothing knows what a hindrance it can be to your performance. Beyond that, if they don’t offer the right compression and shape-forming, they can also affect your confidence, allowing self-consciousness to divert your attention away from your form and movement. TT Activewear is a you-focused, luxury athletic apparel line that understands all too well how real the struggle truly is. They’re serving up solutions for all of us.

Philly’s own Tiffany Tillman is the gym junkie behind TT Activewear. After four years of working on her fitness, she was over the pants that roll down, the shorts that ride up, the awkward fabrics, and the other unpleasant features of workout gear that affect so many of us. “Enough is enough!” she said and embarked on a thrilling adventure in search of the perfect clothes for exercise. Now, her brand is redefining comfort, style, and fly looks in athletic apparel. Without constantly having to shift and readjust your ensemble every time you do a squat, your workout can only improve. These babies hug your curves to enhance your best assets and smoothly camouflage your least favorite areas, boosting your self-esteem and allowing you to concentrate on what’s more important. The better you feel, the faster you attain your fitness goals.

TT Activewear believes that there is no reason why style and function can’t be merged to elevate your exercise experience, and it shows in their classy, chic goods. It’s a fabulous collection for women that just happens to be so versatile that its purpose extends far beyond your workout. They’re a perfect addition for your everyday wardrobe, catching eyes at the gym, power shopping, and so much more! So, what are you waiting for? Put on some TT Activewear and get out there and show ‘em how it’s done.